If you are trying to figure out health care reform like most of us and are still not sure of your options, Gentox Lab Services’s Health Care Reform & You Education Site is here to help you navigate your options related to caring for and managing your family’s health. For many people, you will be responsible for managing more of your health care budget. That fact is not going to change. Lab testing is a huge component of health care costs and services, as these tests are needed by doctors to best diagnose and treat. Gentox Lab Services is where you will be able to afford your lab tests. We’ve been providing direct access to lab testing services since 1992 and understand that your wallet is as important as your wellbeing.

The Gentox Lab Services® Health Care Reform & You Education Site is dedicated to keeping you informed on the latest changes in health reform in a very simple and concise format – no need to pull out your insurance terminology or medical dictionary. We’ve got you covered with information that is useful for you and your family, with articles, visual information, tools and additional resources compiled by industry experts and health care thought leaders.

Gentox Lab Services® is here to help you Take Control of Your Health®. We are an ally of those who have high deductible insurance plans, such as the Silver Level or Bronze level plans; those with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs); and those that may choose to be uninsured. Since you may now be responsible for more of your healthcare budget, Gentox Lab Services helps you proactively and cost-effectively monitor your health by providing direct access to lab testing services.

With changes in healthcare will also come changes in patient services. Why wait hours to have your blood drawn? If you are going to pay out-of-pocket anyway, Gentox Lab Services provides quick and convenient lab testing services. Our goal is to get you in and out in 15 minutes or less, and our stores are where you live, work and shop. Best of all, most of our stores offer work-friendly hours, including Saturdays.

Take Control of Your Health® and stay abreast of changes in health care by visiting our site regularly.