Finally, A Test Your Students Don’t Have To Study For!
Where do you send your students to get their titers and hepatitis lab tests affordably and conveniently? Gentox Lab Services is your answer. We offer specific lab tests needed by healthcare students, school faculty, healthcare and veterinary professionals, medical sales and medical device representatives. Whether you need confirmation of immunization through titers testing, hepatitis tests, a flu shot or a drug test, we make it fast and easy.
Contact your local ANY LAB TEST NOW location for immediate testing for:
Allied Health Panel (MMR and Varicella Titers, and Hepatitis B Surface Antigen)
Hepatitis A Antibody
Hepatitis B Titer
Hepatitis C Test
Hepatitis Panel (A, B and C)
MMR Titer
Varicella Titer
Rabies Titer
TB Screen*
Flu Shot
Drug Screen
And More!
Technical health school applicants, students and staff members will appreciate our quick turnaround, with most results delivered in only 24 – 48 hours.
Work- and school-friendly hours, including Saturdays
We accept your student’s physician’s order, or can provide one for them
No appointment necessary
No long wait – students are generally in and out in 15 minutes or less
Located where students live, work, go to school and shop