Guilty or Not Guilty – the verdict may rely on the evidence you present, and it needs to be indisputable. That’s why you should trust Gentox Lab Services , a leader in DNA testing services, as well as drug and alcohol testing, including forensics. ANY LAB TEST NOW is right here, in your community, and partners with some of the most highly-accredited laboratories in the U.S. to perform DNA tests and toxicology tests, providing lab test results you can depend on.
Whether you need to test or re-test evidence or send your DWI/DUI client’s blood alcohol testing specimen in for a second analysis, ANY LAB TEST NOW is your local one source solution for lab testing services, including but not limited to:
Test or Re-Test Forensic DNA Evidence
Test or Re-Test Forensic Drug and/or Alcohol Specimens, Drug Paraphernalia or Other Items
A Wide Variety of Drug Tests and Alcohol Tests
Second analysis of DWI/DUI blood tests
Test Unknown Substances, Poisons and/or Toxins
Coordination of Expert Witness Testimony, when needed
And More
Ask us about alternative specimens for different detection periods, up to 6 months, for both drugs and alcohol.
Why use Gentox Lab Services?
Convenient, work-friendly hours, including Saturdays
Personnel are trained to follow stringent chain-of-custody protocols
Transparent pricing with no additional fees for specimen collections
One business partner that can fulfill all of your DNA testing and toxicology testing needs, including forensic services
Fast test results

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