As a family lawyer, you handle a wide variety of cases that range from child support or child custody issues, to zero-tolerance orders for family members with a history of drug or alcohol abuse. These types of cases can be emotional and tough to handle. Gentox Lab Services works through the emotions associated with social situations every day, and is your partner for high-quality and dependable DNA and drug and alcohol lab testing services.
Contact us now to discover how we can help you and your clients right here, in our community. There is no need to work with an out-of-town lab. Lab testing services include but are not limited to:
Paternity Testing
Grandpaternity Testing
Other family relationship DNA tests
Immigration DNA
Drug and Alcohol Testing
Ask us about alternative specimens for different detection periods, up to 6 months
So, why use Gentox Lab Services?
Convenient, work-friendly hours, including Saturdays
No appointment necessary
No long wait – your clients are in and out in an average of 15 minutes
Transparent pricing with no additional fees for specimen collections
One business partner that can fulfill all of your DNA and drug and alcohol testing needs
Our laboratory partners are accredited and/or certified by appropriate agencies
Fast test results
Contact us for more information and immediate assistance.